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Academic Details

vdms nursery


We have had many parents say this:

“If I am looking for best schools near me for nursery, then it is VDM School!"

We are excited to introduce you to our comprehensive and well-rounded, nurturing and warm Nursery program that encourages exploration and learning through play. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure that every child’s developmental needs are met through variety of fun activities and interactive learning methods like music, painting, physical education for overall growth and development of a child socially, emotionally and physically along with academic achievement.
vdms kindergarten


Kindergarten school is an important developmental time when children lay the groundwork for their future academic careers. Our kindergarten school syllabus is designed to provide a safe, caring, and engaging environment for your child to learn and grow. Our experienced and dedicated teachers use a variety of teaching methods, including play-based learning, to ensure that each child receives an individualized education that caters to their unique needs.
A variety of areas, including language arts, are covered in our curriculum, which is intended to foster students’ curiosity and love of learning. Through activities like music, painting, and physical education, we place a strong emphasis on social and emotional development in addition to academic study. Our goal is to lay a solid foundation for your child’s future success.
vdms primary secondary school

Standard 1 to 10th

Our curriculum is designed to provide children with holistic education that will assist them in excelling in school and beyond! English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and foreign languages are just a few of the subjects covered in our comprehensive curriculum. Our SSC School in Khopoli has well trained and dedicated teachers who follow intensive training methods to keep students interested and make learning enjoyable.
A variety of extracurricular activities like athletics, music, art and clubs supplement our academic program and aid in improving skills like leadership, communication, teamwork, and creative thinking abilities.
To guarantee that every student reaches their full potential, we believe in customized learning, and our academic staff gives each one of them individualized attention. We have periodic tests and activities to evaluate our students’ progress and offer feedback to help them improve.
vdms junior college science

Junior College Science

These programs are designed to provide a comprehensive education in both Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Electronics, Biotechnology to students interested in careers in Science, Engineering, or Technology. The students of junior college for science have access to cutting-edge labs and tools allowing them to engage directly in scientific investigation and experimentation.
vdms junior college

Junior College Commerce

This junior college of commerce program is designed to provide student a solid foundation in business and commerce with a comprehensive curriculum that includes economics, accounting, business studies, and mathematics. We believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education to ensure they comprehend difficult ideas and concepts. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members employ cutting-edge teaching techniques. With internships and industrial trips, we also provide students with the chance to apply what they have learned in real-world situations. We strive hard to provide a warm and tolerant atmosphere that fosters a love of learning and personal development.
jeet neet courses vdms


We provide our children top-notch education and our JEE NEET CET courses are aimed at helping learners succeed on entrance examinations and chase their ambitions of becoming engineers or healthcare professionals. We employ a variety of teaching techniques, including lectures, interactive sessions, and practice exams, to assist students in building a solid foundation for the topic they have selected.
Together with academic learning, we place a strong emphasis on helping students acquire the critical thinking, problem-solving, and time-management skills necessary to succeed on these very competitive tests.
vdms parent teacher meet

Parents Teachers Meet

We believe that parent-teacher cooperation is crucial to a child’s academic success. With our Parents – Teachers- Meet, the parents and teachers have a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, discuss and encourage their student’s academic and personal growth.
Our PTM is a regular event on our school calendar, and we welcome participation from all parents. Teachers give updates on students’ academic achievement, talk about any areas of concern, and offer learning assistance tools throughout the meeting. Also, parents express their opinions and ask questions about their child’s development.
Given that we recognize how busy parents are, we provide various scheduling alternatives to suit their needs. We urge parents to actively participate in and engage with our teachers as part of our PTM since it is a forum for open conversation and feedback.